Kyle and Jackie O had former NSW senator Sam Dastyari on the air to drop some bombshells on Australian Parliament, and boy did he deliver.

For instance, Mr Dastyari was shocked to find out that Malcolm Turnbull refused to come on the show with the guys.

But just in case the PM ever changed his mind, Dastyari decided to give Kyle and Jackie some advice on what NOT to do during the interview. And this is where things got seriously WEIRD.

“Here’s what I wanted to warn you guys about,” began Mr Dastyari. “Whatever you do, if you ever want to get the PM on, what you can’t talk about is the dead pussycat.”

Kyle and Jackie were incredibly confused. “What dead pussycat?”, said the guys in unison.

Now before we explain what Dastyari describes as “the famous” dead pussycat story, we have to make it very clear that the PM completely denies the story and everything that we say from now on is the alleged account of events.

Okay here goes nothing. Mr Dastyari explained that Malcolm had a long term girlfriend when he was younger who had a cat called Nessie.


Now apparently, when this girlfriend broke up with Malcolm he was so distraught that he started writing love letters to the cat to try and win his girlfriend back.

“This is true, this isn’t bullsh*t,” said Mr Dastyari. “I’ve got one of his love letters.” Mr Dastyari continued to read the strange letter from his phone.

“I find that to be odd behaviour,” said Kyle. You think that’s odd Kyle? Just wait until you hear what allegedly happened next.

“A little while later, the cat ends up dead,” said Mr Dastyari. “I’m not suggesting anything, but the Sydney Morning Herald in 1981 alleged that Malcolm had strangled the cat. They got sued for defamation.”

Of course the Prime Minister completely denies all of this and Mr Dastyari has said that the one way to piss Malcolm off is to ask him about the dead pussycat story.

In fact, he said that to this day people from the opposition actually torment Malcolm about the alleged story in parliament.


“In parliament when he gets up to speak, you’ll occasionally hear some of the labour blokes and others start making meow sounds,” revealed Mr Dastyari.

Jackie’s reaction pretty much sums up how everyone probably felt after hearing this completely absurd tale. 

“Oh get out, this is the best!”, laughed Jackie.

Again let’s be clear, Mr Dastyari concluded by saying ” There is no proof that he’s killed a cat.” But it sure does make for an entertaining story!

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