Sam and Snez sat down with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, and they are still as happy as ever. In fact, they are planning on having a baby!

Sitting in the Melbourne studio, the two were affectionate while answering all the hairy questions Kyle could dish out (including about their sex life… Yes, all is good in that area, thanks!). Then, Jackie O got to the more serious topic of their future plans.

“Not that we’re trying to rush you, but do you have plans to have kids?”

Before doing the obligatory disclaimer of ‘we have to figure out our living arrangements’ etc etc, he finally just spilled to Kyle and Jackie O that they were planning on a family, and soon!

“Yeah look, we have discussed having kids soonish!”

This could be the first Australian Bachelor baby! And what a genetically blessed little tyke Eve would have as a sibling.


Speaking of, turns out Eve and Sam are already happy families, with Sam revealing he babysat Snezana’s daughter all alone and he gushed she is ‘fantastic’ and not at all fazed by the public interest in their lives.

‘We went to the zoo and paps were taking our photo,’ explained Snezana. “But she didn’t care, she just took photos them taking photos of us!”

The two were then shown a very different kind of pap shot… THAT Bieber one. When asked how Snez would compare Bieber to Sam she just replied, ‘Bieber is obviously a young boy…’ Oh snap.

Listen to the whole interview here: 


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