Rumours have been circling recently that Australia’s sweetheart and self-proclaimed bogan Sophie Monk is dating season favourite from Married At First Sight Ryan Gallagher.

Having both recently gone through pretty rocky relationships, Ryan with the whole Davina debacle and Sophie dumping the man she found during her stint as the Bachelorette Stu Landy, people were convinced that they had found love once again with each other.

An insider claimed that a romance flourished between the pair after they spent hours talking on the phone while Soph is over in Spain filming Love Island. And according to the rumour, our very own Jackie had been the one to set the couple up.

“Love Island host Sophie Monk is dating Married At First Sight’s Ryan Gallagher after their mutual KIIS FM pal Jackie Henderson set the pair up,” said Kyle as he read from one of the many headlines that had developed from this piece of gossip.

Of course when it comes to gossip, you never really know which parts of the information have substance and which don’t. And so Kyle and Jackie O decided to head straight to the source and ask Ryan point blank what was true and what was false. This is what we found out:


Ryan and Sophie are Dating: FALSE

Ryan told Kyle and Jackie O that he’s not dating Sophie. In fact they haven’t even met yet. When Kyle asked Ryan about the headlines that were surfacing today Ryan admitted that he was happily surprised by news, but it wasn’t actually true. 

“Yeah even when I read it I was like ‘oh that sounds good’ but nah, no,” said Ryan. “No we’re not dating…yeah we’re talking, but she’s overseas. We haven’t even met.”

Ryan and Sophie have been talking on the phone: TRUE

Ryan told the guys that he occasionally speaks with Sophie over the phone but it hasn’t developed into anything romantic. “Just over the phone, every now and then we’ll talk to each other,” admitted Ryan. “That’s normal isn’t it?”

But that’s all there is to it. Kyle pushed to see if maybe these conversations had progressed to sending a few cheeky pictures to each other here and there, but Ryan was adamant that their conversations were just as mates.


Jackie is the one that introduced Ryan to Sophie: TRUE

And as for how they managed to get in contact in the first place, Jackie admitted that she did help the pair connect in the beginning.

“So the way it happened was Ryan and I were out one night…and Ryan said, ‘I reckon Soph and I would be great mates and I messaged her once on Instagram but never heard back’,” explained Jackie.

“So next time I spoke to Sophie I said ‘hey, there’s this Ryan guy, he hit you up and you never responded’…so I said ‘he was on this show and I think you guys would get on really well, maybe see if you can find the message and message him back’. So that’s how it started, but they’re just friends.”


So all in all, Jackie did connect Ryan and Sophie, they are in fact talking over the phone, but no they’re not dating. Ryan did say though that he is single, so maybe there’s a chance of the two developing their friendship into a romance when Sophie comes back to Australia.

“Yeah I’m not seeing anyone,” admitted Ryan. “We’ll probably meet up when she gets back.”

While there’s nothing romantic there at the moment, we totally reckon the pair would be suited to each other! They’re both true-blue Aussie’s with a hilarious sense of humour that have been tough out of luck when it comes to reality dating shows. Sounds like the perfect match! 

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