In case you’ve been living under a rock, the one and only Bad Girl RiRi is in Sydney at the moment for the launch of her new Fenty Beauty products with Sephora and last night she held one heck of a party to celebrate.

Rihanna showed up looking like pure fire wearing head to toe snakeskin, including a very fitting for her Aussie fans snakeskin bucket hat (you’re one of us now RiRi) but this wasn’t even the best part of the night.

Kyle’s girlfriend Imogen attended the exclusive event and she managed to score a one on one with the host herself. And well, as soon a Rihanna heard that Immy was Kyle’s girlfriend, the ‘Diamonds’ singer had a message for us.

Luckily, Imogen had our very own Intern Pete in tow to record the special message and it turns out that Rhianna had a bone to pick with Kyle and Jackie O.

“Are you serious, Kyle and Jackie?!” screamed Rihanna in the video! “Why are you guys not here?! Why are you not here?”


Clearly Rihanna didn’t know that Kyle and Jackie aren’t really night owls like Imogen and were probably well in bed ready to get up bright an early for this morning when this was recorded. Imogen explained that Kyle had been too tired to attend and was actually at home with their many puppies. 

“He’s tired with the dogs at home,” said Immy. 

“Tired?! Dogs?! Well I thought dogs knew how to take care of themselves,” replied RiRi. “You don’t love me enough, that’s the problem!”

NO RIHANNA!! We love you so much we swear! 

Luckily it all seemed to be a bit of a laugh in the end, with Rihanna finishing her message telling Kyle and Jackie that she missed them and couldn’t wait to see them. 

“I miss you guys! I miss you guys! I’ll see you very soon,” finished Rihanna!


Maybe she’ll have to just come and visit us in the studio next time! 

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