As another season of I’m a Celebrity Australia plays out on television Kyle and Jackie O have loved having the various contestants and intruders on air to chat about what they expect to happen during their time in the Jungle.

We’ve spoken to Lisa Oldfield about heading to South Africa with her husband David and this morning we had the latest intruder, John Edward on the show.

Now John may be famous for being a psychic medium, but we have to say that he had absolutely NO idea what heading into the jungle actually involved. And we think that we may have scared him just a little…

Before coming on for the interview, John requested that Kyle and Jackie refrained from chatting about the other contestants currently on the show because he wanted to go into the jungle with complete objectivity.

So naturally they instead asked him about how he would deal with living in the jungle and having to eat spiders and bugs in the infamous Tucker Challenges.

“What do you like about eating spiders and bugs?” asked Kyle.

“Yeah, how would you go with a challenge like that?” added Jackie.


And not to be ironic, but there were literally crickets on the other end of the phone line…

Eventually, John replied saying, “Did I mention that I’m doing a cleanse and I’m dieting so there will be no bug eating”.

Oh John. Poor, innocent John. Clearly he has never actually watched the show and didn’t understand that if he didn’t compete in the various challenges, no matter how disgusting they may be, that he and his camp mates wouldn’t be eating at all!!

So Jackie and Kyle thought that they ought to let the poor guy know what he was actually in for when he enters the camp this week.

“You’re going to let your camp mates down. They’re not going to like that!” said Jackie. “If you get nominated to do a challenge and you don’t do it, you’re going to be on the outs.”

“Then someone starves!” added Kyle.


Again there was silence on the other line. “Seriously?!” asked John. “You’re messing with me right?”

Yep, Kyle and Jackie definitely scared him. Channel ten, if John suddenly doesn’t show up for his flight to South Africa we swear we had nothing to do with it…

We feel a little bad for John; he obviously had no idea what he was signing up for. But at the same time this is going to be AMAZING TV!

I’m a Celebrity Australia continues tonight 7:30pm on Channel Ten.

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