On this season of MAFS Nasser and Gab quickly become one of the couples tipped to make it once the show finished. They had instant chemistry on their wedding day and seemed to get along really well.

But recently we’ve seen some hiccups between them aired on the show. One of the biggest issues? In the most recent episodes Gab has revealed that she feels like they don’t have enough intimacy between them and that Nasser barely ever touches her.

I.E. Gab wants to get it on but Nasser just isn’t feeling it.

Well that’s what all of Australia thought anyway. But when the pair came on the show with Kyle and Jackie O this morning it was a completely different story!

Gab and Nasser revealed that they actually slept together on their honeymoon!

“Have you guys seen each other nude yet?” asked Kyle. Obviously he thought the same as everyone else thinking that they hadn’t slept together while on the show.

But to our surprise, Nasser and Gab both replied, “yes.”


“You had sex on the honeymoon didn’t you?” Jackie added.

And again, Nasser and Gab responded with “yes.”

What?! So then what’s this big “intimacy issue” that they’re complaining about to the experts on the show?

Nasser tried to explain what had actually happened, but really he ended up incriminating every other couple… He claimed that it wasn’t something abnormal to sleep together so early on because EVERYONE had sex on the honeymoon!

“No but I think everybody had sex on the honeymoon”, said Nasser. “Like all the couples did.”

Again, what?! We knew about Dean and Tracey because they’ve been so damn open about their entire sex life on national television, but not the other couples! Kyle and Jackie were obviously shocked by the news too and questioned the couple further.


“What about John…the older guy?” continued Jackie.

“He would’ve had sex,” replied Nasser. Gab jumped in on this one too adding, “I’m with Nasser on this, I absolutely think so.”

So there you have it. In the words of Kyle, “Everyone boinked on the honeymoon”…

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