We bet that every 20something-year-old has dreamt of the day that some of our favourite naughties movies agree to make a sequel. Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, White Chicks…Our list could go on forever.

And while some of these films may never make a comeback, apparently the idea that a sequel might be on the cards for one of our favourite films might not actually be too far fetched!

Kyle and Jackie O were chatting with Lindsay Lohan this morning when the topic of Mean Girls The Musical came up. A listener asked Lindsay whether she thought turning the movie into a broadway musical had been a good idea.

“I have not seen it yet but I think it’s amazing that they’re doing a musical and I think it’s really great that Tina is getting a Tony award nomination and I think she really deserves it,” said Lindsay.


And so of course since Lindsay was so on board with the musical version of the classic movie, Jackie decided to ask Lindsay if she would ever consider making a sequel to the movie.

“Maybe from the traction of the show we can discuss something different in the near or present future, I mean it’s not my choice right now,” replied Lindsay.

Of course, it sounds like Lindsay definitely doesn’t have any plans to bring the plastics gang back together anytime soon, but when Jackie pushed the topic further, Lindsay confirmed that she would do it if the opportunity arose.

“So you would do it, another Mean Girls sequel?” asked Jackie.


“Of course I would,”replied Lindsay!

That is so fetch! Now let’s just get all of the other cast members on board and make this thing happen!

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