Lara Worthington (nee Bingle) went from being notoriously open about her personal life (you might remember a little reality show, Being Lara Bingle..?) to insatiably private after dating actor, Sam Worthington. A few Instagram deletes here, a couple of coy red carpet appearances there and suddenly no-one knows anything about Lara Bingle/Worthington. Until this morning… Kyle and Jackie O got the model/businesswoman to spill on pregnancy, her wedding and about THAT paparazzi fight.

The new face of Westfield shopping centre confirmed with Jackie O that she and Worthington were married late last year.

“Sam and I got married nearly a year ago, on the 28th of December,” she revealed. “It was very intimate. We just popped into Melbourne with Sam’s family, and we just had 10 people in a house we rented.

“We wrote our own vows.”

And the dress?

“I was in London right beforehand so it was really cold,” she said. “But I ended up finding a white Louis Vuitton dress. I was six months pregnant, so it was really chilled, I cooked lunch! “

That brings us to…pregnancy! Lara kept her growing belly under designer wraps until the final hour.


“Rocket was born in Los Angeles, and we live between the New York and LA,” she revealed. “But being home in Sydney now is nice. It’s nice to be home everyday, and be with my mum. Rocket has the most amazing grandmothers – Sam’s mum and my mum have been awesome.”

Lara also revealed that she found out the sex of her little boy and telling Sam she was pregnant went ‘very well.’ 

She posted an image of little Rocket Zot on her Instagram page, stating his birth date. 

March 24th 2015 best day of our lives… ❤️❤️❤️

A photo posted by Lara Worthington (@laraworthington) on


She also opened up about motherhood. “You don’t get much freedom!” she said. “I can’t just go out, especially when he is feeding.”  She said being a mother is “the best thing in the world” but still “very hard.” 

The couple are fiercely protective of their son, and were filmed having an altercation with the paparazzi in Sydney recently. It’s not the first time Sam and Lara have had to go up against the paps, feeling the photogs are crossing a line.

 “Both Sam and I understand it is bi-product of our profession, but taking photos of my son without my consent is unacceptable.”

Listen to the whole interview here:

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