Kyle Sandilands. The “shock jock” of the radio world. It’s the name he earned after it became known that he had no issues speaking openly and quite frankly about any subject, no matter how controversial it was.

But today was the first time that Kyle had opened up so honestly about his own personal life, giving his listeners an insight into some of the more raw and emotional struggles that he has been through in the past.

It all came about when Kyle was reading a recent interview that his co-host and what you might describe as his “work wife” Jackie O did with about their time hosting the reality show Big Brother in 2008.

During the interview, Jackie was asked about Kyle’s “sickies” and the fact that he had to miss a number of the live eviction shows due to apparent bronchitis.

“Did he really? I just question whether he didn’t want to turn up that day. He did have a few sickies and Mike Goldman filled in,” answered Jackie.

It was at this point that Kyle stopped reading from the article. He turned to Jackie and said, “I could tell everyone why I was really not there.”

Jackie had assumed that Kyle wasn’t really “sick” in the sense that he had claimed at the time, but she herself didn’t even know the real reason why had been constantly absent all those years ago.


“It’d be a big shock,” said Kyle, pausing to leave Jackie in anticipation before eventually admitting, “drug addiction. Yeah, drug addiction back in the day.”

This was the most vulnerable we had ever seen Kyle on air, but he didn’t back away from his shocking admission. He continued to tell Jackie and all of his listeners how tough the period had been for him and just how bad it had really gotten.

Kyle explained that he had only just gone through a divorce and he was left in a bit of an unstable mental state back in 2008.

“The divorce had happened and it was just, life wasn’t great back then,” continued Kyle. “So anyway, I’m better now.”

While Kyle admitted that he is absolutely better now, he didn’t hold back in giving the very raw, honest details of his struggle.

But thankfully he wasn’t alone. He had the support of a large number of his listeners who had found Kyle’s admission incredibly overwhelming and refreshing.


“Your honesty actually brought me to tears Kyle. It’s so refreshing to have people like you that can be so honest,” said one person.

“You are a top man, a big man for coming out and saying that because it’s a real hard thing to do,” said another.

Kyle finished by telling us all that it was not something he planned to bring to light this morning, but it was something he couldn’t just carry around with him any longer. He felt compelled to get it off his chest after all of these years.

“It’s not actually anything I’ve even said out loud before, not even to Jackie,” admitted Kyle. It was not planned to be said but nonetheless it’s a little secret that I now don’t have to carry around like a monkey on my back.”

Kyle also encouraged anyone who is struggling to seek help because it really can get better.

“But I’ll say, if you’re self-medicating on anything – alcohol, drugs, whether it’s prescription pills or not – you should try and get off it,” said Kyle. “People that are stuck in some sort of rut… It’s not a good spot to be in.”


“Being lost in a dark place is not fun for anyone no matter what the situation,” he concluded.

Listen to Kyle’s shocking, but incredibly brave admission about his past in the video above.

If you or anyone you know is struggling you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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