In the past few weeks Kyle and Jackie O have been fascinated with time travel. So much so that we have now had two people who claim to have travelled through the space time continuum on the show to tell us their story.

A few weeks ago KJ spoke to Noah, a guy who claimed to have travelled back to 2018 from the year 2030. He revealed some insane things about what we can expect in the next few decades such as pills that prevent ageing and the possibility of making genetic modifications to unborn babies.

But the only crack in his thrilling and somewhat believable story? Noah had no proof whatsoever of his time travelling tale.

And so rather than just taking his word for it, Kyle and Jackie decided to bring another time traveller onto the show; a time traveller who claims to have PROOF that he visited the year 2118.

Meet Alexander, a CIA agent originally from 1981 who travelled on a mission to 2118. He claims to have remained there for about four hours before heading into a time travelling shop (yep they have those in the future apparently) where he paid a fee to go home.

But instead of heading back to the correct year, Alexander was transported to 2018 where he is now stuck.

So what proof does Alexander have of his time travelling experience? He says he took a photo with a camera and managed to bring it back with him.


“What proof do you have?” asked Jackie. “Kyle said this time, unlike the last one, you have proof.”

“I do have a photograph,” replied Alexander as he held it up to the screen for all of us to see.

Want a closer look? Kyle asked Alexander to hold the photo up closer to the camera and well, it certainly looks futuristic…


What we can see is tall, curvy buildings with a blue glow coming from them. The camera makes the image a bit blurred but Kyle swears that he can also see cars flying in the sky.

“That’s some freaky shit…” exclaimed Kyle.

Of course the sceptics out there are probably scoffing at us right now thinking that anyone with a computer and some photoshop could create the same photographic “proof” of time travel…and we have to say we kind of agree with you there, it is a bit far fetched.

But for those who are true believers this is what Alexander says 2118 is going to be like. There will be flying cars, humans without legs, musical devices that wire directly to our ear drums and stores that make time travel commercially available.

As for whether we think Alexander is legit or not, the KJ team were pretty divided. I guess we’ll just have to get ANOTHER time traveller on air until we truly get to the bottom of this…

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