Dean and Tracey are the couple from this season of Married At First Sight that having been making a bunch of headlines recently, mostly because of Dean’s galavanting and open opinion on controversial topics (hello didn’t you hear he’s a #feminist).

But today the couple are actually in the spotlight because of a rumour surrounding Tracey Jewel, with NW magazine claiming that she is pregnant and Dean her onscreen husband is the baby daddy.

The publication made the loose connection by showing a picture of Tracey with what they thought was a ‘prominent baby bump’ and provided quotes that she had said about wanting more children.

“I loved being pregnant the first time and I can’t wait to experience it again,” Tracey allegedly said to NW. “Dean is such a wild card. I reckon he’d be a fun dad one minute and super strict the next.”

Kyle and Jackie have formed a somewhat strong relationship with Dean, despite the fairly rocky start when Dean skipped out on an interview with them, and so they decided to call Dean and ask him point blank.

“We heard Tracey’s pregnant, is that yours?” asked Kyle.


“Really? Who said that?” asked a clearly confused Dean.

Jackie O revealed the rumours that NW had published this morning before saying, “We thought we’d go straight to the source, are you going to be a dad or not?”

“Uh, not that I know of!” replied Dean.

So basically there’s your confirmation, Tracey is NOT actually pregnant. Of course you might be thinking, well what if it’s not Dean’s baby? Don’t worry Kyle checked that out too!

“Would you be the only possibility as the father?” asked Kyle.

“I would hope so!” replied Dean. “She’s my wife.”


Oh she’s your wife if she Dean? So he may have squashed rumours of Tracey’s pregnancy but old Deano may have also just confirmed that he and Tracey are still together…

Married at First Sight continues this week on Channel 9 at 7:30pm.

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