When this season of Married at First Sight was on TV it was the show that kept on giving with the amount of shock and drama that it provided. And apparently taking it off our screens doesn’t actually let the drama die as the wife swap saga continues outside of the show.

This morning on O News Jackie brought up the fact that Justin is apparently dating Ash after the two were spotted multiple times around Sydney. But in true Kyle and Jackie O style, our hosts were sick of the speculation and decided to go straight to the source.

So what better way to get to the truth than to call up Justin and ask him upfront, live on air.

“Jackie is telling me you two have sparked it up,” began Kyle referring to Justin’s possible romance with Ash. “Okay so what’s the go?”

Justin attempted to act coy but ended up confirming that YES he and Ash have been seeing each other!

“Out of respect for Ash I can’t say too much but we are still in touch,” replied Justin.

“Right so it’s sex only is that what you’re saying?” asked Kyle.


“Correct yes,” replied Justin through laughter.

So while it may not be a full fledged ‘I love you’ type of relationship like Troy and Carly’s (their ex partners who yep are also together…) there’s definitely something more than friends happening here. See Carly, apparently he is capable of intimacy!

As for how long Ash and Justin have been “seeing” each other, or what Kyle refers to as “secret rendezvous stuff”, Justin confirmed that this has been going on for a few weeks now!

Well all the best to them! We’re happy to see that while hardly any of the couples that the so called experts matched up have gone the distance at least some sort of love, albeit slightly unconventional, has come out of this season.

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