Jacqui Lambie is known as the fiery politician who is not afraid to speak her mind and so of course Kyle and Jackie O knew that she was the type of lady that they would enjoy having a chat with. And boy they weren’t wrong!

Jacqui Lambie came on the show to chat to Kyle and Jackie O (there’s way too many Jackies here so Jacqui Lambie will be known as Jacquie L from here on out) to chat about her new book ‘Rebel With A Cause.’

Of course one of the things that struck the attention of our own Jackie O in this latest autobiography was the hilariously honest way that Jacqui L described her perfect man. And so she decided to question her about it.

“Let me read the quote out,” started Jackie O. “Your ideal man is someone who has heaps of cash and a good package between their legs.”

Kyle was willing to read between the lines on this one and added, “That’s right, she wants a big d*ck!” Thanks for clarifying that one Kyle.

“God almighty you’ve just put that straight across the table, I tried to package that very very well” exclaimed Jacqui L.

We LOVE her honesty! But of course that led to the next question on the tip of everyone’s tongues. Has she FOUND her perfect guy?


“I’ve over asked I’ll be honest with you,” said Jacqui L. “No one’s stepping up to the plate. I’ve got a real bloody problem!”

Is it possible that no one thinks they’re good enough to fit that strict criteria Jacqui L? But she had other ideas as to why the men haven’t come a-flocking.

“Missing a tooth today probably isn’t going to help my situation,” joked Jacqui L. That’s right the poor gal had her tooth pop out right before coming on the show for her interview!

Fingers crossed that you’ll be more lucky in love in the future Jacqui L!

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