It’s a MASSIVE week for Kyle and Jackie O’s very own Intern Pete as he was sent over the New York City with Stan Australia to do some interviews on the Red Carpet at the Power premiere.

We were all counting on Pete to get us the exclusives, with Kyle giving him the personal mission to get some air time with the creator of Power, the one and only 50 Cent.

Now you might be thinking that we shouldn’t have been holding our breath for Pete to pull through on this one – But suddenly this morning we received the news that we had been hoping for!

Intern Pete had done it! He had EXCLUSIVELY spoken with 50 Cent! But of course, there was a catch. The best way that we can put it is that the interview was VERY Intern Pete… And anyone who’s familiar with his work on the KJ Show will know exactly what this means.

Speaking with Pete during Jackie’s O New this morning, he really got our hopes up, telling us that we were the only media to actually speak with 50 Cent.

“Guys, we got the only exclusive interview with 50 Cent,” Pete told us in a high-pitched, and very excited voice. “The only one… Good Morning America are PISSED off!”

But in actuality, it wasn’t so much an interview, rather than Pete chasing 50 Cent down to gift him with a home made gift… Yep, Pete had gone all the way to New York to give 50 Cent a silver necklace with an Aussie 50 cent coin taped to the back.


In the audio you can hear Pete trying to explain the gift to 50 Cent while a woman, who sounds like his publicist, clearly attempts to get Pete to leave them alone.

At one point though, you can hear 50 Cent reacting to the gift! Listen to the audio in the video above! And stay tuned for the video footage straight from the red carpet!

Well we think it’s safe to say Pete won’t be asked to return to New York anytime soon…

The final season of Power will debut on Stan in Australia on August 25th (this Sunday). Until then you can binge seasons 1-5 on Stan anytime!