Kyle and Jackie O had the pleasure of chatting to the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.

She’s currently in Australia, and being a Royal fanatic, Kyle just couldn’t pass up the chance to catch up.

During their chat, the Duchess covered many different areas, such as her new tea line, favourite TV show – and her marriage to Andrew.

One thing many people may now know is that ‘Fergie’ and Andrew still live together, despite no longer being in a relationship.

“It truly was the greatest day of my life marrying the finest man. And he is the finest man in my life. He is a nugget of goodness.”

She also revealed that she watched her wedding video to Prince Andrew only several months ago, something that surprised Kyle and Jackie O.


“Yes I do keep a copy of the wedding video. I watched it not long ago.”

“In 1986 on the 23rd of July. I threw myself into a love affair for life.”

She also divulged when they met, “We met when I was 12 years old at a fireworks party.”  

However, when Kyle pushed the subject about whether or not they’re still together, the Duchess was quick to shut him down.

“Oh no Kyle, no! I mean, as if!”


“I think we absolutely are the most extraordinary example of a unified family.”

The Duchess, who was shy to boast about her charitable projects, such as opening a new wing at St. Vincent’s hospital, focusing on homeless people who are also HIV positive, she did speak about a few other projects she has going on.

She’s working with Macquarie Graduate School of Management in a number of ways, including closing the pay gap, in a bid to stop women being paid 30% less than men.

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