A question that Australia seems to keep asking is, ‘Who is Delta Goodrem dating’?

The rumour mill has spun various relationship possibilities with various other celebrities including House Husband’s Hugh Sheridan, Russell Crowe, and perhaps the most long winded one of them all, Seal.

The rumours of a Seal and Delta romance began circling all the way back in 2012 when they first started working together on The Voice Australia with many people commenting on the apparent chemistry between them.

The rumours went on for so damn long that some people even said that Delta was ready to settle down and have a family with the Kiss From A Rose singer.

But that’s the thing, the romance has never been more than a rumour! And so when Delta came on to chat with Kyle and Jackie O they decided to put the rumours to rest once and for all.

“There was always those romance rumours” said Kyle in reference to the various pieces of gossip that had floated around about her and Seal in the past.

Before he could continue though Delta jumped in and said, “I’m getting sick of saying ‘guys, I never dated Seal’, but no one seems to care when I say that.”


It seems that no matter how much Delta and Seal both denied that they were dating, that just wasn’t an interesting story to go with for all the gossips out there, and so they would continue to spread the rumours.

“It sounds like Australia wanted you to date Seal so much,” continued Kyle.

“Look whatever,” laughed Delta. “I’ve come to that place where it really doesn’t matter what I say so I just go with the flow.”

But despite the fact that they never actually dated, Delta couldn’t have had kinder words to say about Seal.

“Do you miss Seal?” asked Kyle.

“Of course, Seal was fantastic,” responded Delta. “He started the show with all of us and he’s been fantastic as part of The Voice.”


So there you have it, there was never anything more than a professional relationship going on there. And before you ask, we think that this DEFINITELY means Delta wasn’t referring to Seal in her new song when she sings “I think about you naked when I’m looking at you”…

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