If you’re keeping up with the goss from this season of MAFS you may have heard that there was one very drunken night where the cast all got together in an apartment after filming and lets just say…sh*t got messy.

There was supposedly a lot of booze, a cheating couple caught naked in bed together and some very angry producers after they found out that the contestants had been partying without cameras present. Apparently this is a big no, no.

While we may have originally thought that this was just a rumour, Dean and Tracey appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show and may have actually given some truth to this scandalous story…

While they didn’t admit anything specifically about this night in question, Dean did say that partying after hours was normal amongst all of the couples.

Jackie began the conversation by asking, “Does a lot not get filmed and shown?”

Dean replied immediately saying, “SO much!”. Interesting…do tell us more Dean!

“Are we talking after the dinner party ends, do you guys all go back to one room?” probed Jackie.


It was obvious that Tracey didn’t want to get in trouble as she answered, claiming that the couples have a “debrief”. But Dean cut in, and thank goodness he did because he revealed some juicy stuff.

“No, there’s parties every night in someone’s room,” he revealed.

“We’re not supposed to party and that’s completely against the rules, but pretty much every night it happens.”

Wow! With all of the insane drama that happens on camera this season, just IMAGINE what’s going on behind the scenes when the cameras are off!! Boy, to be a fly on the wall at one of these secret parties…

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