It’s no secret that Cher and Meryl Streep have become life-long friends throughout their time in the spotlight; ever since they were co-stars on the film Silkwood in 1983.

But one thing that we didn’t know about the pair was that they actually saved a woman’s life together once!

Jackie had the opportunity to speak exclusively to Cher while she’s down under for Sydney’s 40th anniversary of Mardi Gras and of course one of the things that came up is the relationship that Cher has with fellow actress and singer, Meryl Streep.

When Jackie asked Cher about the pair’s relationship she of course gushed about just how much she loved Meryl and showered her with compliments and praise. This was unsurprising.

But what did shock Jackie was when Cher said, “We saved someone’s life together once!”

WHAT?! Tell us more Cher!

Apparently the two super stars were together in Little Italy walking to get ice cream when they suddenly hear a woman screaming.


“We walked around the corner and this gigantic man was ripping this girls clothes off,” continued Cher.

She says that their first instinct was to run towards the girl to help her, but suddenly the man started running back towards them!

“He was this huge man and he started running towards us and I thought oh we’re going to get killed,” she revealed. “We kind of separated, I don’t know why, and he ran between us and then we saved the girl.”

So not only are Cher and Meryl Streep absolute MEGA stars but they’re heroes too! And with hearts of gold to boot.

We seriously can’t wait to see these two working together once again in the upcoming Mamma Mia sequel

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