You might know Bethenny Frankel as the reality TV star who speaks her mind from The Real Housewives Of New York, a four time best selling author or you may know her as the strong businesswoman and owner of the successful brand Skinny Girl.

But soon enough, you might know her as the woman linked to Meghan Markle’s EX HUSBAND!!

Bethenny dropped a bit of a celebrity gossip bombshell while on the air with Kyle and Jackie O this morning about her bizarre link to the ex-star of suits and future wife to British Royal Prince Harry.

It all started when Kyle started poking around with questions about Bethenny’s love life. Bethenny explained to the guys that while she’s single and isn’t really interested in settling down, that she had one date with a guy that was way more famous that she first realised.

“I met this guy as a romantic interest, his name is Trevor,” said Bethenny. “So I met him in Chicago and we were supposed to go out and I ended up seeing him one time and he’d been texting me, he’s a producer in LA.”

This is where it gets interesting. Not because the guy is necessarily that house-hold famous himself, but because his ex-wife is about to become royalty!

“He told me that he was married before,” continued Bethenny. “He’s divorced, he was married to this girl named Meghan Markle from the TV show suits.”


Bethenny thought that was pretty cool enough at the time, but it wasn’t until months later when Meghan’s relationship with Harry went public that she went, “Holy sh*t, your ex is going to be a princess!”.

Now that’s a pretty crazy story if ever we heard one! But what’s even crazier is that now Bethenny is in discussions about creating a new TV show with Meghan’s ex about strong businesswomen.

“He pitched me a TV show idea to produce together about a bunch of businesswomen, which I think we are going to do together,” said Bethenny.

But despite this possible show leading from a sort-of date between Bethenny and Trevor, she swears that things are just business between them not romantic. The reason why? He reminds her of someone from her past.

“He looks a little bit like my ex which scares me,” admitted Bethenny. “We bypassed the romantics and went into the business. But I don’t know there’s something there, there’s something salacious about doing a TV project with Meghan Markle’s ex.”

We couldn’t agree more! But until then, you can catch Bethenny on The Real Housewives of New York on both Hayu and Foxtel. New season out now with a new episode every Thursday, same day as the US.

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