This morning the KIIS team was dealing with a crisis situation: Kyle was sick. And to be honest it’s pretty hard to do a show called ‘The Kyle and Jackie O Show’ without Kyle Sandilands.

But luckily we had a knight in shining armour, or at least a footy uniform, come in to save the day! That’s right Beau Ryan came into the studio bright and early this morning to co-host the show with Jackie.

And so it would’ve been a wasted opportunity not to catch up on Beau’s life at the moment, specifically the rumours that are circling about him in the tabloids. The latest rumour? Beau Ryan and Erin Molan are having some ridiculous feud.

This rumour erupted when Beau said that Erin hadn’t been answering his phone calls after being named host of The Footy Show. Then to fuel the fire even further, an image emerged of Beau looking SUPER bored while Erin was talking at the NRL season launch.

And so of course Jackie asked Beau to clear the air on the rumour.

“You and Erin Molan, how good of friends are you?” Jackie asked.

“We’re very close!”, replied Beau immediately. “But not ‘close close’ where you people say something’s going on.”


Beau’s referencing ANOTHER rumour here that had gone around about him and Erin claiming that Beau was actually the father of Erin’s baby. And clearly Beau was becoming sick of the rumour mill, so he decided to have a little fun with his air time.

“I don’t know what to say because there’s going to be an article after I say this,” continued Beau. “So maybe I’ll say something like I’m in LOVE with her. Yeah I’m actually in love with her.”

Jackie loved Beau’s approach to tackling the fake news headlines and decided to push it even further.

“So if she was single and you were single, you guys would hook up you reckon?”, asked Jackie. “I’ll say yeah,” replied Beau through laughter.

“Just for the purpose of the show, and the purpose of my show, and my wife’s listening, I’m going to say if we were both single, I’ll say 100% yes.”

Well I guess now we’ll just have to wait and see if the tabloids fall for Beau’s little trick and him and Erin make the front pages AGAIN tomorrow.

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