If you listen to the Kyle and Jackie O Show you’d know that Beau Ryan is an expert on all things sport, being a former successful NRL player, but that this is not really something he likes to talk about all that much.

In fact, he likes to throw his expertise around a bit and dabble in all sorts of areas, such as with Celebrity Gossip, various advice segments and his infamous bullsh*t beau storytelling game.

Today, Beau reckons he’s the self-proclaimed expert in being cool and so he’s dishing some advice on how Aussies can deal with the heat this Summer.

With the mercury set to absolutely soar across the nation between December and February, Beau Ryan has teamed up with Playstation Australia to bring us a guide on how to #PlayItCool this Summer.

And unlike some of the advice he’s given on the KJ Show this guide is actually incredibly helpful! (We joke of course, but seriously Beau we bring you in for a sports segment…It couldn’t hurt to actually chat about some sports sometimes okay?)


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“As it starts to get seriously hot and sweaty, it’s important my fellow Aussies #PlayItCool and avoid the scorching heat at peak times of the day,” said Beau.

“Being cool doesn’t come easily for everyone. Thankfully it’s something I’ve perfected over the years, so I’m happy to share my tips from freezer powered air-con, to gaming at home with your PlayStation 4.”

Watch Beau’s top five tips for how to avoid the sizzling Summer and #PlayItCool this summer in the video above!


And if it wasn’t hot enough already, PlayStation Australia are seriously turning up the heat with the announcement of their series of giveaways across the season.

Each week PlayStation will be giving away consoles, games and memberships across their social media channels. All you have to do is follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to win!

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