There was only one person who was really shocked by the eviction on Big Brother last night, and that was the evictee Allan.

Despite being nominated by intruder Garth during the show’s second episode, Allan went into the elimination feeing pretty darn confident.

This confidence was of course then shattered when he was voted out by his fellow housemates by an absolute landslide, receiving a whopping 12 votes.

He was no doubt shocked and upset to be leaving the house so soon, telling Kyle and Jackie O this morning that it was a “national tragedy” to have him gone so soon.

“They got rid of one of the strongest players,” he told us.


But based on something else Allan told us this morning, it seems that this isn’t the last that we’ve seen of the competitive housemate.

Following his eviction last night, Allan told Australia that all he wanted was to go back in and stir the pot. And it seems that this could actually happen!

“Are you going back in though Allan?” our newsreader Brooklyn asked, following rumours that he could return as an intruder.

“Well, okay, so everyone need’s to watch tonight’s episode because, look I can’t give too much away, but this is not the last time you’ve seen Allan,” he revealed.

So either Allan is going back in or he’s so adamant that he shouldn’t have been voted out that he breaks his way back onto the set! It’s not like he could be lying to try and plant the idea in producer’s minds because it’s already been filmed!

“Oh thank god for that! Oh Allan you’re going back in!” Kyle exclaimed. “We got the scoop! Allan’s going back in tonight everyone!”


Now in some more spoiler alert goss, Jackie actually gets early access to the episodes and she went on to say that she doesn’t remember Allan heading back in tonight specifically, But stay tuned people because it sounds like it’s coming soon!

Big Brother continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 7!

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