MAFS success story Michael Brunelli has dished out some tough love on his Instagram to upcoming contestants of the 2021 season of ‘Married At First Sight.’

Brunelli found love on the show with partner Martha Khalifatidis and they’re both still happily together.

Michael has warned the next generation of cast members about what to look out for, how to deal with the public and how to navigate the press.

“Please don’t f**k it up like last season.⁣”

“We’ve all had a tough year, just let us watch the train wreck in peace.⁣”

“When you do your media appearances suck it up and don’t give away the storyline.⁣”

“Absolutely nobody wants to know how the season ends after the first episode.⁣”

“You’re about to be watched by millions of people, you’ll get stopped in shopping centres, you’ll have random people saying hello… have a laugh about it and enjoy it, but don’t let it go to your head.”

“Give everyone the time of day, and remember that going on MAFS doesn’t make you better than anyone else.” ⁣

“There are some amazing people out there that will support and defend you online. Try to respond to as many as you can!⁣”

“The trolls will come. You can ignore them, expose them or clap back… pick your poison! But exposing has to be the most fun, especially when they’re dumb enough to do it from their real accounts.⁣”

“The saying “they knew what they signed up for” will get thrown around by people to justify their negative comments about your looks, weight, hair, job or family. Take solace in the fact that 100% of those people live boring, unhappy lives.”⁣

“The DailyMail comment section is the absolute pits of the earth, where the saddest, lowest forms of humans go to express themselves. Don’t waste your time reading it… most of the articles seem like they’ve been written by a bunch of 7-year-olds.”⁣

“Expect former MAFS people to contact you. Some might be genuinely trying to offer support, but others will be looking to get their 15 mins back. If they start asking to catch up at specific times and places just know it’s a setup to be photographed.⁣”

With final parting words from a wise man, Michael ends his essay with, “P.S. The blue tick next to your name means sweet f**k all in the real world.”


Excellent advice all around.