Just weeks after her (kind of) shock exit from Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello is opening up about her time in the band – and she’s not happy.

The 19-year-old lashed out at her now-ex management team on Lena Dunham’s podcast, accusing them of insisting the girls wear revealing clothes in order to make more money.

“Especially with being a girl group, there’s been a lot of times where people have tried to sexualise us just to get more attention,” she said. “Unfortunately sex sells.

“There’s been times where there’s stuff that I have not been comfortable with and I’ve had to put my foot down… I feel like it’s been tricky, because we’ve had to grow into ourselves while being in front of the world and while making songs that did have a lot of sexual undertones.”

Camila, who was only 15 years old when the band was thrust into the spotlight on the American version of The X Factor, then went on to explain that, at that stage, she just wasn’t prepared.

“There’s nothing wrong with showing sexuality,” she continued. “if you have that inside, it’s just an expression of who you are. If you want to share that with people, that’s amazing.


“[But] I think the thing I would say to young women is, if you’re not ready for it, put your foot down.”

Here, here.

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