I don’t really remember Bella Thorne when she was still wholesome and on Disney, I must have been too old.

She’s been a little bit of a party animal the entire time I’ve known of her, and now she’s dropped this.

Signing up for x-rated content creation service OnlyFans, Thorne is one of many actors and actresses who are probably looking for alternative income during the pandemic.

Page Six reported that within 24 hours, Bella made US$1 MILLION DOLLARS which converts to roughly AU$1.4 MILLION DOLLARS just through her subscriptions.

Apparently she’s the first EVER to do this on the platform.


But WHY? She’s not delved in porno yet, her page is currently just very suggestive bikini photos and just life updates?!

People might be interested because Bella Thorne has participated in X-rated content before!

If this is news to you too, then congrats! You, like me, are not a creep.

She starred in a porno in 2019 canned Her & Him and even won a Pornhub award for it!



If I sound bitter, it’s because I am, I’d love to earn a million bucks in 24 hours for uploading bikini pics to the internet.


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