While the Catfish boys are used to weeding out liars and conman, it seems Nev Schulman and Max Joseph haven’t been completely honest with us. 

Yes, the people we trusted the most have been harbouring a deep dark secret just as murky as the ones they expose. 

While we’re led to believe the first half of MTV’s hit show is spent figuring out who the deceitful mastermind behind the keyboard is, the series executive producer, Marshall Eisen, confirmed to Vulture all is not what it seems.

While show often receives emails from the victims themselves, Eisen has confirmed more often than not it is the catfishers themselves who are first to contact the show. 

“It’s often the catfish we hear from first because they’re looking to unburden themselves,” Eisen said.

“It’s not always the case, but it probably happens more than people realise.”

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We don’t know why this hasn’t been revealed earlier. The show’s casting application form clearly states: “Are you keeping a secret from your Internet crush that you’re dying to confess?” and “Have you made any fake online profiles?”.


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Just when we thought Nev and Max were Facebook stalking gods. No wonder the catfishes always agree to meeting!

Eisen did assure Catfish viewers that the show’s hosts are unaware of the catfish’s identity until the very end and are forced to crack the case themselves. 

“Our whole mantra for the guys is, ‘If you can’t figure it out, just go with it and see where it takes you’,” he said.

“Sometimes they get really flustered by what they see.”


While we completely understand why this is the preferred method of shooting episodes, it does take the shine off the series a tad.

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