If there’s one thing that makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year it’s got to be the festive films!

While we always love to rewatch the classics – Home Alone, Love Actually, Christmas Vacation and what have you – it’s always good to have a new one to add to the mix each year.

And thanks to filmmaker Paul Feig, this year we have ‘Last Christmas’ which is due to be released in cinemas tomorrow!

Of course, we were already keen to see it as soon as we heard that this Christmas rom-com starred Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding from Crazy Rich Asians.

It’s about a young woman named Kate who works as a Christmas elf in a department store during the Christmas holidays. Although Kate has continuously been unlucky, when she meets Tom on the job, her life takes an unexpected turn – typical rom-com style.


But according to director Paul Feig, this Christmas film is one with a twist! He joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning when he revealed what we can expect from the movie.

“Obviously I can’t say what happens in the end but there is a twist,” Jackie said to Paul this morning – who by the way was dressed in his BEST Christmas themed suit.

“Oh there’s all kinds of stuff that happens in this movie,” Paul told us. “It’s a surprising movie.”

“It is a very surprising movie. How has that been received?” Jackie asked.


“Well the screenings that we’ve done, people have just gone crazy for the movie,” Paul replied.

“It’s exactly the kind of movie that we need right now where it’s such a weird, divisive time. It’s just a very lovely, life affirming film.

“I feel like ‘Love Actually’ is the last [Christmas film] where people have gone ‘Oh it’s so great’,” he added.

As if we weren’t all for this movie already, Paul is notorious for celebrating women in Hollywood and constantly creates strong, female leads in his films.

For ‘Last Christmas’ it’s Emilia Clarke that takes on this role and Paul couldn’t have spoken more highly of her and her work.

“Emilia Clarke’s character when we meet her she’s really not well behaved at all and I love that about the script,” Paul explained.


“Because you know, men get to do that and we always see so many male characters coming out that are all crazy and everybody goes ‘Oh that’s fine’ but when it’s a woman it’s like ‘Oh she’s not likeable’.

“So we were just like screw that we’re just going to have her go for it.”

Girl power AND a Christmas rom-com? Sign us up!

Last Christmas hits cinemas tomorrow, Thursday 7th November! Check out the trailer below.

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