The saying ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus” is one of the most commonly used phrases when talking about the difference between males and females.

Well, there are distinct differences regarding appearances between both, but a new study has also shown that our brains work completely different too.

A recent study at UCLA said that when they used magnetic resonance imaging to measure people’s brain activity during blood pressure trials that each sex showed the opposite responses in the insular cortex. That’s the side of the brain that deals with emotions, blood pressure control and self-awareness.

The results show that men tend to show a much greater blood pressure response whereas women tend to display a lower response, meaning they get less stressed, but there could be reasoning behind, the lead author Paul Macey said;

”This is such a critical brain area and we hadn’t expected to find such strong differences between men and women’s brains.  This region, the front-right insula, is involved with stress and keeping heart rate and blood pressure high.

It’s possible the women had already activated this region because of psychological stress, so that when they did the physical test in the study, the brain region could not activate anymore. However, it’s also possible that this region is wired differently in men and women.”

It has helped scientist to realise that they cannot diagnose males and females the same when dealing with certain disorders, with Macey adding ”We believe that differences in the structure and function of the insula in men and women might contribute to different clinical symptoms in some medical disorders.”


So, men are from Mars ;).

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