This insightful video from Durex has revealed something about men that women didn’t generally expect.

They do prefer to have safe sex.

The footage shows a group of men discussing one night stands, sex, and using protection.

Research reveals that the default approach for over a third of men is to try and get away without using a condom, but actually the film shows that many think it’s a turn on when a condom is non-negotiable.

The video starts with a group of women chatting about safe sex, and their attitudes towards sex.

They say they worry that if they bring up using a condom, their male partner would think they’re ‘not cool’.


It’s then revealed that they can peek into the men’s conversation with double-sided glass.

When they were asked, one said: It shows confidence, I think it’s attractive.’

Another man adds: ‘If she brings out the condom, she is obviously into it as much as I am’. Others say a girl who wants to use a condom is ‘independent’, ‘more trusting’ and ‘better at sex’.

The women listening are left in shock by the men’s comments. 

H/T Daily Mail

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