Turns out even the Kardashians have their insecurities. 

That was the main theme of Sunday night’s episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” as both Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner opened up about their inner-struggles. 

While Kylie’s injected lips were the big focus of last night’s hour, Kim also stole the spotlight by doing a fully nude photo shoot for her website re-design. Before stripping down, she told the photographer about her psoriasis — telling him she always likes to “lay out my insecurities before a shoot.” 

She clearly looked confident during the session though, as she contorted her nude body in all sorts of compromising positions for the camera.

But later, Kim opened up about issues she has with her weight.

“I’m legit 20 pounds heavier,” she confessed. “I’m so insecure lately, with my weight. I cannot leave the house without Spanx.”

Even the voice of reason, Kendall Jenner told her she has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood. Talk then shifted to Kylie’s lips, with Kim throwing her support behind Jenner’s plumper pout.


“If something makes you insecure and you’ve been feeling that way forever, who doesn’t want to look amazing?” she tells her younger sister. “You only have one life and what I’ve realized from what all of us have gone through is do what makes you happy, to an extent.”

Her one warning: “Keep everything subtle, don’t go overboard.”

Elsewhere in the episode, we also saw Khloe Kardashian get laser treatment on her butt, as she addressed her cellulite head on.

These three are clearly worried about their appearance!


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