According to the Australian Federal Government’s eSafety watchdog, parents should be asking children as young as two years old whether it is okay to post photos of them on social media.

In a new booklet titled ‘Early Years, Online Safety For Under 5’s’, it explains that parents need to know the risks of ‘sharenting’. The booklet is being rolled out across preschools from today as part of Safer Internet Day.

eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant said, “by involving [children] early, we can foster sound habits and establish the resilience and critical thinking they will need if a stranger with malicious intent tries to solicit their image online — or if they are tempted to share a compromising photo of a friend online. And we have seen this can happen with children as young as three.”

The idea has parents divided across the country, with some saying it prevents them from seeing what their child is doing throughout the day at preschool.