Footy Show star and good friend to Jonesy & Amanda, Erin Molan has paid tribute to her late Grandpa after he recently passed away.

Taking to Instagram, Erin has posted a touching black and white picture of her ‘Grandpa’ receiving a tender kiss from her ‘Granny’

“Rest in Peace Grandpa…I don’t know if they have Instagram in Heaven but you loved looking at it with me here so here’s hoping,”

“We love you more than anything else in the world”.

“We will miss you so much. I will miss our chats about sport, quoting Fawlty Towers and stealing your plain chips… putting your equal in your tea and your horse tips. We will look after Granny always – I promise. Love you Grandpa. Cheers cheers the red and the white xxx”

Everyone at WS is sending Erin and her family our best wishes.

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