If you’ve been following The Bachelor, you’ll know all about Emily and Sam, or do you?

Last night’s episode saw Emily depart the rose ceremony quite abruptly, when the final rose was between Emily and Nina.

In an exclusive chat with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Emily, who isn’t permitted to do interviews at the time for reasons that are unknown, spoke to Kyle and Jackie O about life in the house – and made a point of saying she was ‘open and honest’ about her experiences. ‘Why do you think I’m not allowed to do interviews?’ Emily asked Kyle.

Emily said that she had a ball in the house and ‘laughed my a** off!’,’but they just don’t show the fun bits, because that doesn’t add to the drama.”

When quizzed about Nina, Emily mentioned that ‘you’re not going to like everybody. Most of the girls had attributes I love, she didn’t.’ She mentioned that Nina didn’t seem bitchy back to her because ‘that wouldn’t fit with the storyline.’

Kyle then asked Emily about her date with Sam, to which Emily was obviously confused.

“That date was amazing, and then I heard that he’d said it was ‘awkward?’ I thought, ‘wow, were we on the same date?’ sorry but you don’t kiss someone 30 minutes into a 9-hour date and the whole way through and say that.”


“I think of a giving a rose like asking someone on a second date in the real world, why would you do that if you didn’t have a good time?” she said.

“Are we seeing the real Sam in the show?” Jackie asked.

To which Emily replied, ‘haha, what do you think?”

Emily also mentioned that what she has now seen in Sam’s pieces to camera is very different to how she felt he felt on the show. “You know when someone is into you, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.” “But I’ve heard him on the radio and some of the things he says, I’m like ‘hold on mate, what’s that about?!’


After fellow bachelorette Bec Chin’s sudden departure in last night’s episode, the guys wanted to know if it was depicted truthfully on screen.

“From my understanding, it looked very much as though Sam wanted to let her go, but it was definitely a mutual decision Bec and Sam came to, that it wouldn’t really work. I think it was depicted more that it was Sam’s decision, but it was definitely mutual,’ Emily said.

“So what we saw was real then? That was a genuine storyline?” Jackie asked.

“That was genuine, yes, but I feel as though they made it look like it was on Sam’s terms.”

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