If you had to pick one guy in the universe who could be described as ‘Mr Perfect’ we think that everyone would agree it’s Chris Hemsworth.

He’s Aussie, he’s ruggedly handsome, he’s a family man and he’s just downright lovely.

But even someone as perfect as the guy who embodies the norse God Thor must have something wrong with him. You know, one minor flaw to humanise him a little.

And who is better to know what this tiny imperfection is than Chris’ wife Elsa Pataky!

Elsa joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning to chat about her new book Strong, when we asked her to dish all the goss on her hubby.


“Give us something! An imperfection or something that annoys you,” Jackie said on air this morning.

“Oh I’m not the person to throw him under the bus,” Elsa laughed, before going on to do just that! All in good fun though of course.

Kyle kicked it off by asking if maybe Chris’ bum isn’t as perfect as the rest of his muscles?

“Maybe he’s got a flat ass?” Kyle asked, before Elsa reassured us that this too, is just perfect.


“Is he moody?” asked Jackie. This one seemed to hit the nail on the head!

“Okay, no he has a really good sense of humour, but when he gets angry, he gets angry,” Elsa revealed.

Okay! Okay, we can work with that. Chris Hemsworth, slightly moody.

“It’s that like face, he wakes up in the morning and he’s angry and you can see his eyebrows and I’m like, ‘uh oh!’.”

Elsa also revealed that Chris can sometimes get road rage! But even her example of this just proved how perfect he really is.

“So he has road rage?” Jackie asked.


“Yep, the other day he actually one guy, they were crossing with the kids and the bicycles and one guy like [tooted the] horn like at one of my kids and he got so scared,” Elsa explained.

“And he lost it. He lost it with this guy. The guy’s looking at him like ‘What?’ and he’s like ‘WHAT! Get out of the car!’.”

“But once again it’s a positive because he’s a protective dad,” Kyle said.

Also side note, what was this guy thinking messing with Thor?! Is he crazy?!


Elsa gave it one more shot.

“Okay, he takes more time to get ready than I do,” she revealed. “I have to wait for him.”

Bingo! We’ll take that one! She also revealed that sometimes he’s not the best cook.

“He cooks, he’s very creative,” Elsa said. “Some of his foods can be very good. Some of them you can’t even eat them.”

So there you go, looks like Chris Hemsworth is actually human after all! Although despite all this, he’ll always be perfect in our eyes – and we reckon Elsa’s eyes too!

Hear more from our chat with Elsa Pataky in the video above!