This morning Kyle and Jackie O caught up with newly evicted Bachelorette, Elora.

She has made headlines recently after she attempted to kiss Matty at the cocktail party, before the rose ceremony ‘in front’ of the other girls.

She was spectacularly rejected – and the entire nation cringed.

So this morning, Kyle and Jackie O had her on the show to talk about what really happened, how she felt about being booted off the show – and what it was like with the girls in the house…

“We [the girls in the house] stopped talking about our feelings that much because we are involved… so yeah it was a little bit too dramatic.

“…and it wasn’t in front of the girls… and I have kissed him [Matty] at a cocktail party before, so…’

‘Have you?!’ Jackie piped up.


‘Yes, of course,’ Elora replied.

‘What, and they didn’t show it?’ Kyle asked.

‘The secret garden!’

‘Oh the secret garden…’ Jackie exclaimed.

We almost had a heart attack…

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