Last week saw the early end to the 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Due to production halts, the season finished on 21 episodes instead of the original 25 planned.

Ellen Pompeo had a video interview with Variety earlier this week and addressed how the pandemic was affecting the show.

The interviewer asked Pompeo whether the 4 unfilmed episodes would be shuffled to be the beginning of season 18 or not.

“I don’t know…as far as I know the writers room is not up yet…but I think their plan is to ‘resume the room’ in a couple of weeks”, she said, reiterating whether that be over zoom or in person depending on the restrictions in place. 

The interviewer then asked her if there will be an episode in Grey’s addresses the current global pandemic.

“ I thought about it…”, then Pompeo changes the subject.


Whether this means she can’t give too much away or she genuinely doesn’t know, I guess we’ll find out next season!

You can watch their full interview below!

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