The US is only just beginning to fall in love with our national treasure Michael Theo since Love On The Spectrum recently dropped on Netflix.

Last month, the 27-year-old appeared on Ellen, who asked him what he was looking for in a partner, and honestly, his answer was so wholesome.

“Basically, a beautiful, loving woman with a warm heart, who comes from a good family and doesn’t commit any wrongdoings.”

Ellen asked what those wrongdoings would include.

“Engaging with weapons or drugs, or breaking the law, getting in trouble with the police.”

If that wasn’t pure enough, Ellen then asked him if he’d ever be interested in appearing on The Bachelor.

“No,” Michael answered.


“I’ve heard that the men are not really allowed to be themselves,” he continued. “They’re also hairless and chiseled, which I am not.”

He also shared his number one piece of advice for those wrangling the dating scene.

“Don’t give up,” he admitted. “Give others a chance, and be yourself above all else.”

Watch the whole segment here…