The terrifying moment that an elderly man collapsed and fell onto train tracks at a Western Sydney station has been captured on CCTV footage.

The video, obtained by 7 News, shows the man swaying before falling onto the tracks just moments before a train was due to arrive at the busy platform at Rhodes station.

Other brave commuters are then seen risking their own lives by jumping on the tracks to save the man.

They can be seen waving their arms frantically to warn the train driver, who thankfully was able to stop the train in time.

Paramedics were called to the station but no one was seriously injured.


Authorities have commended the courage of onlookers, but said that with so many people on the tracks, the accident could have easily caused multiple fatalities.

“You make that reaction to try and save someone’s life, but you’ve got to consider the other things around you which could put you at risk,” said Howard Collins, the CEO of Sydney Trains.

“I would hate to think if another train came the other way it could have been more serious.”

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance advised commuters who may notice someone on the tracks to alert railway station staff before jumping onto the tracks.

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