Those who can find a partner in life and love should cherish it, because not everyone is so lucky. 

But one such blissful couple is Clemma and Sterling Elmore, who have been married for an impressive 57 years.

To celebrate their milestone, they decided to create a ‘Notebook’ inspired photo shoot. 

And if the photos are anything to go by, they are well and truly still in love. 


Her in the iconic blue dress… him donning a cap and simple white t-shirt… And a blue van in the background. 

It brings back serious ‘Notebook’ memories. 

“He said the first time that he laid eyes on me that he said, ‘That’s the girl I’m going to marry,’” Clemma told ABC News.

The idea was sprung from the pair’s granddaughter who organised the photo shoot as a gift. 

Meanwhile the photographer, Stacy Welch-Christ, told ‘Put A Ring On It’ that the scene of the two together brought about tears behind the camera lens. 


“We thought what a special gift that would be to them to hold onto, the memory of the shoot itself and the photos,” Welch-Christ told the site.

“We were tearing up from the first pose. They are so in love….it was completely natural.”

Talk about love!

Since the photos were posted to Facebook on the third of September Clemma said they have even been recognised while out shopping. 


“We are totally overwhelmed. It just has got us just – well, we’re just humbled by the comments,” Clemma told ABC News. 

Spreading love and joy around the world!

The original Facebook post now has over 56k shares and 21k likes!

Cheers to Clemma and Sterling! To 57 years and hopefully many, many more!


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