Another recall notice has been issued for eggs across NSW and Victorian supermarkets over fears of salmonella contamination.

The affected brand is Synergy Produce’s Southern Highland Organic Eggs, which have been sold at Woolworths in both states, IGA in NSW and other independent NSW retailers.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issued the recall for 12 and six egg cartons of the brand with best before dates up to and including May 9.

“Consumers should not eat these products,” the ACCC said. “Any consumers concerned about their health should seek medical advice and should return the products to the place of purchase for a full refund.”

Southern Highlands Organics also issued a statement saying that salmonella testing “has turned positive”.

“You may return the products to point of purchase and ask for refund. We are very sorry,” the company said on their website.

Anyone who eats salmonella contaminated food can start seeing symptoms about 72 hours after consumption and these can last up to a week.


Symptoms of salmonella enteritis include fever, headache, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and nausea.

This comes after a recall on eggs from Victorian Fresh and Loddon Valley brands with best before dates ranging from March 20 to April 29.

The source of the infection was traced to Victoria’s Bridgewater Poultry, was was placed under quarantine as authorities investigated.

A spokesman for Egg Farmers of Australia said that the outbreak may be blamed on migratory birds.

“It may have come from a migrating wild bird that can bring in this strain and infect the flock,” John Coward said.

“You can’t stop a bird flying over with this type of salmonella.”


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