Egg Boy, or Will Connolly as he’s formally known, who became an Aussie hero when he smashed an egg on controversial senator Fraser Anning’s head at a press conference, has spoken out for the first time about the incident on Network Ten’s The Project last night.

And it’s literally just made us love him even more.

Will became a viral sensation across the world and earned himself the nickname ‘Egg Boy’ after the egging incident, which came after Senator Anning’s released a statement blaming the Christchurch terror attack on immigration.

Speaking with Hamish McDonald on The Project, Will explained why he was so offended by Anning’s words and why he decided to attend the press conference in the first place.

“After that tragedy in Christchurch, I thought the world should be supporting those victims… And the senator released a statement which was pretty much divisive hate speech… and I was just flat out disgusted,” he said on the program.

“I actually went in there and listened to him for an hour. I wanted to forgive him, then he said more things.”


After hearing Anning defend his words instead of backing down, Will decided to go ahead with the egging. But what he didn’t expect was for Anning to physically attack him, after the senator slapped him twice.

“There’s no reason to physically attack anyone.”

The egging itself was never meant to be something viral but just a “few laughs with the mates”.

Will said that he understood that it was probably “not the right thing to do” but when asked if he would apologise to Anning, he said he believed that the positives of his actions outweighed the negatives.

“This egg has united people,” Will said.


The only thing he really regretted was the fact that “too much attention has been brought away from the victims”.

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A GoFundMe page was created for Will following the incident and has since raised almost $80,000. Will has said that every cent of the donations will go to the victims of Christchurch.

Following the interview, Egg Boy took to his now large Instagram following to say that he was “so proud to stand up for what is right” and encouraged others to do the same and to “keep spreading the love”.

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To my family, friends and people around the world, I would like to thank everyone for all the overwhelming support. I’m so proud to stand for what is right and I encourage everyone to stand up for what you all believe in. I do not condone violence and I do not condone egging someone, and everyone has a right to an opinion, but as I listened to Senator Anning for over an hour, I realised a point had to be made and if no one was going to do anything, then I was. I’m so humbled to be able to shed more light in response to the Christchurch shootings. My heart goes out to all who are suffering. I’ve had one lady from Christchurch tell me that through this period of darkness in her life, it’s the first time she’s smiled since the shootings, which meant so much to me. The main focus here has to be the people who are suffering and the issue at hand, and I’m really happy it has united people the way it has. I will continue to try and make the world a better place and I hope the end of racism is on the horizon. Keep spreading the love ❤️. Will Connolly

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