I can’t believe the day has come when we have to confront the fact that Ed Sheeran is very much not available.

Like for most of you, it was the day he got married to his partner Cherry Seaborn… which is healthy and normal.

But for some of us, it’s today.

The day we find out he’s having a small little baby.

It’s over for us.

But it’s all just beginning for the duo! Congratulations are definitely in order!

A few celebrities have been going through their pregnancies on the down-low during COVID-19, and it’s no surprise that Ed’s in the same camp.


He’s always been very private about his personal life.

Apparently the pair are only a few weeks away from becoming parents!

“Ed and Cherry are over the moon,” a friend of Sheeran’s told The Sun. “They’re very excited, but have kept things very low key.”

“Lockdown was a perfect excuse not to be seen out and about too much, but things are getting closer and the excitement has been building so they have started telling friends and family.”

I literally will die if the child looks ANYTHING like a young Sheeran!

QUICK everyone, prayer circle the kid has his red hair!


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