(Words: Laura Thorburn, Photos: Rodney Magazinovic)

Last night, along with the sold out crowd at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, I witnessed something truly spectacular. Ed Sheeran, a guitar and a loop station. Stripping it right back, no band, no big production, just one man was all it took to give an arena full of screaming fans a night they will never forget.

The crowd where captivated from the moment Ed Sheeran walked out on the stage and kicked the show off with ‘I’m a Mess’. The audience were treated to many mash ups throughout the evening, including one of ‘Take it Back’, ‘Superstitious’ and ‘Ain’t no Sunshine’, the seamless transitions and flawless vocal were absolutely amazing to hear. Introducing his next song, Ed told the audience that this was a time to chill out and just have some quiet. In most crowds there’s usually a few that don’t listen and figure this is their chance to be heard by the artist, and sadly it is not the time and with half the crowd telling the other half to ‘shh’, Ed did what everyone wanted to do and said “Shut the f**k up” with his best cheeky grin. A stunning performance of ‘Tenerife Sea’ was still interrupted by screams and yells from the crowd, and to be honest, it ruined it for me. I understand excitement and enthusiasm, however, this man was performing a beautiful song and just wanted everyone to listen. So to those who called things out, next time you’re at a show like that, don’t, just look up at the stage and witness talent in its purest form. Forget the fact that they are a superstar and let yourselves become and captivated as those quiet people, the feeling you get is amazing.

This man is a great one, not only did he sign an audience members guitar, he played on it too. One thing about Ed Sheeran, he is always thinking about the fans and how the audience is liking the show, making sure to keep them involved and entertained and even harmonising with eachother. His performance was one of the best I’ve ever seen and judging from the comments I’ve heard and seen on facebook, not one person left that arena without being completely in awe of the talent this man displayed. I said it last night and I’ll say in again, Ed Sheeran, wow.

Now, as far as opening acts go, Conrad Sewell and Jamie Lawson were a great choice to keep with the male singer theme for the evening. Both are great performers and sound amazing. Conrad’s voice is one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard, that is one talented young man and I look forward to hearing a lot more in the future. ‘Hold Me Up’ was my favourite from Conrad, his vocal range is immaculate!

Jamie Lawson, the first artist signed to Ed Sheeran’s new record label and what an amazing fit that is. His voice just has this beautiful tone to it that got me hooked from the first line. His single “Wasn’t Expecting That’ was just amazing and my favourite on his set list. Check out his album ‘The Pull of the Moon’ on iTunes.

All in all, the concert was absolutely spectacular. There is only one thing that I did not like about it and that’s the fact that it ended. Truly amazing show, can’t fault it! Well done Ed Sheeran, well done!

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