Ed Sheeran looks like he is back in the studio recording his next album!

Most singers would choose to record in a studio but not ED!

Oh no, he looks like he chosen to record it on the ship the Queen Mary 2.

Ed has spent the last week sailing the Atlantic with his producer Benny Blanco.

Paint me jack

A photo posted by @itsbennyblanco on

According to a source, the pop star decided to turn down the offer of a studio recording saying “Ed turned up at the dock in New York and asked for a cheap cabin, nothing fussy.

“While aboard he requested a meeting room so they found him a basic, windowless crew room in the bowels of the ship. He spent the entire week locked away, writing.”


Earlier in the week Benny uploaded a snap of him and Sheeran recreating the Leonardo diCapiro and Kate Winslet Titanic pose with the caption ”Paint me Jack.”

Ed is currently taking a break from music and is travelling the world but now it seems as if he is ready to get back and play!

We can’t wait to hear it.

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