It is being reported that two children at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne are being tested for a range of diseases, with specific precautionary measures being put in place for risk of Ebola.

Specialist staff are treating the children, and it has been stated that the hospital are taking extreme caution, to protect the safety of the staff and community.


“Two patients have been isolated at the Royal Children’s Hospital following admission this morning with an infectious disease. The children, aged under 10, are being tested for a range of infectious diseases, including the ebola virus.

Specialist medical staff are caring for the patients, using the procedures and equipment in which they have been trained. The safety of staff and the community is paramount.

Results of the diagnostic testing will be known within a few hours. The hospital is unable to provide further information about the patients or their conditions until the test results are known.”


We will stay abreast of updates relating to this story.

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