The life of a celeb might seem all glitz and glam until you try to just be a normal person doing normal things but can’t seem to escape the fans.

Dua Lipa experienced this recently during her trip to Sydney for Mardi Gras!

Dua was trying to take some well deserved “me time” during her trip Down Under and decided to stop by a pilates class in Sydney. You know, normal people stuff. Except nothing is normal when you’re an international pop sensation is it?

The ’Don’t Start Now’ singer managed to get through most of the class without disturbance, but right at the end when the next class started piling into the room, a fan spotted Dua and couldn’t contain themselves.

In fact, they decided to run straight up to her mid-pose!


Dua joined Kyle and Jackie O on air this morning when she spoke about the moment a fan bombarded her during what sounds like a reformer pilates class that uses the professional-looking machinery.

Of course, being the insanely nice girl that she is, Dua didn’t actually mind the interruption and was more than happy to chat with the fan! But it sure did make for a funny story.

“Did everyone recognise you when you walked in?” Jackie asked.

“No, I did do a pilates class but there was only like five people in the class and nobody really knew anything,” Dua explained.

“But it was one of those classes where the second class comes and you can just kind of walk in and while we were still finishing the pilates class, like I was still laying on the bed, and then this girl that walked in recognised me.


“And she ran up to the bed and she was like, ‘Oh my god!’. And I was still sweating and was like, ‘Hi, it’s so nice to see you! Just one second though and let me get up and then I’ll come and say hi’,” she laughed.

“So that happened but it was cute and it was sweet.”

We guess that’s just all part of being a celebrity!

Dual also spoke to Kyle and Jackie O about just how much she LOVE Australia! She already can’t wait to come back and even spoke about possibly filming one of her future music videos Down Under!


Hear our full chat with Dua Lipa in the podcast below!

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