One Aussie farmer has seen some relief from the terrible drought after winning first prize and taking home a whopping $200,000 in a Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw.

The anonymous man from Singleton, a town about 200km north of Sydney, said that he and his family had been hit hard by the drought that has made life tough for farmers across the State this year.

“We’ve been going through the drought and things are a bit tough at the moment…we’ve been hanging in there,” he said.

But thankfully this man’s luck changed after he purchased a ticket from the Singleton Discount Drug Store which ended up winning first prize in the draw on Friday night.

When asked how he would spend his winnings, the farmer said that the much-needed funds would be going straight to supporting his drought-ridden farm.

“We raise cattle for the markets and it has been tough as a lot of our dams have been drying up,” he explained. “We are just like anyone who wins money really, everyone can us it towards something. But up here, in the drought, it has come at a great time.”

The very grateful winner said that they were close to turning to the government for assistance with drought relief but no longer need to.


“It’s absolutely brilliant. We’ve been looking at a new water tank and a water bore, so we will be implementing a lot of water-saving devices that we’ve had in mind,” he continued. “It will basically be our own drought relief.”

Singleton was just one of the rural areas across NSW hit hard by the drought this year, with Singleton Mayor Sue Moore saying back in August that, “100 per cent of NSW is now in drought” and that July had been the “second hottest July on record and the driest since 2002, continuing a 15-month run of below-average rainfall across NSW.”

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