Drivers in NSW are now able to access a digital version of their license using an app on their smartphones.

Digital drivers licenses have been trialled in Dubbo Albury and Sydney’s eastern Suburbs, but they are now available for drivers across the state.

It comes following a delay in the statewide rollout, which was due to take place in August. It was later stated that the rollout would take place in late 2019.

While no official date was given, drivers have been able to access their digital license through the Services NSW app since yesterday (October 29).

Although the first day of digital drivers licenses was met with some issues, after the Services NSW app stopped working due to the large volumes of people racing to access their ID on their phones.

The NSW Department of Customer Service said that the rollout of digital licences hadn’t officially begun but that they were “testing the technology for early adopters”, according to Although the application is currently available to everyone in NSW.

The digital license looks very similar to the physical copies, although this version includes a unique QR code that can be scanned to verify that it is real.


According to NSW law, drivers are now able to produce either a digital or traditional drivers license although Service NSW advises digital users to still carry their physical license with them as a backup.

Drivers should also be aware that laws surrounding using a phone while driving still apply and you must not touch your phone while behind the wheel.

It’s also important to make sure your phone is charged and that cracks in the screen won’t affect the QR code from being scanned. If you remain logged into the Services NSW app on your device, drivers should be able to access it without an internet connection.

So how can you get your digital license? Simply download the Services NSW app, log in with your MyService NSW account (which should be linked to Road and Maritime Services) and follow the prompts.

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