While we might be just over a week away from the start of Spring it seems that Winter is not yet done sending a chill across NSW.

So don’t go packing away your winter woolies just yet because a high pressure system is on it’s way and it’s set to bring with is subzero temperatures to parts of the state this week.

The Bureau of Metrology have also warned us that the cold snaps could continue into Spring, pushing the thought of warm weather further and further away.

North and eastern parts of NSW are expected to be hit the hardest by the late Winter cold snap this week with temperatures set to drop into single digits and even below zero in some parts.

The city is set to be slightly warmer with tops expected to hit just below 20 degrees this week and with lows of about 7 degrees.

The icy chill is said to be caused by the high pressure system in eastern parts of the state with clear and dry conditions as well as very little cloud cover causing temperatures to take a nosedive after the sun has set.

Some parts of the state will also see early morning frosts across the week according to the Bureau of Meteorology, but temperatures are expected to rise slightly as the week goes on.


North Eastern parts of NSW are expected to be hit with rain and strong winds on Friday and this is expected to set in across the weekend as the high pressure system moves further east towards the Tasman.

Some parts of NSW might even see snowfall, particularly in the alpine region at the ski fields. Some high altitude areas across the states will also have a medium chance of seeing snow.

So, how long till Summer again…?

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