Traditional garlic bread lovers, we have some bad news… 

Plastic has been found inside the margarine blender of George Weston Foods (GWF) which supplies garlic bread to Dominos, Pizza Hut and Woolworths to name a few. 

Two pieces of plastic material, measuring approx 9mm, were discovered in the blender on Wednesday and it has forced a recall on all garlic bread. 

The result? 

Dominos have removed the traditional garlic bread that we all know and love from their menu ‘until further notice’! 


Instead they have replaced it with a second version of their ‘cheesy garlic bread’ in the form of a garlic cheese pizza. 

It’s just not the same!

It also seems that Pizza Hut have removed the normal garlic bread from their website menu offering. 

Pizza Hut are yet to make an official statement, however. 

We hope the garlic bread shortage is only short lived!